Data Sharing

Whether you’re leaving your pet with a pet sitter, visiting a new veterinarian, or simply coordinating care with family members, Furiend ensures that everyone has access to accurate and up-to-date information. All subscription plans can be share with your family.

Training Tracker

Training plays an essential role in maintaining your pet’s health. Now, you can track your pet’s training progress like never before. Whether you’re teaching basic obedience commands or working on advanced tricks, Furiend is your reliable companion for tracking and enhancing your pet’s training experience.


Whether you’re at home or on the go, Furiend keeps you informed about your pet’s well-being, enabling you to take timely action and seek veterinary care if necessary. Your pet’s health is now in your hands, thanks to Furiend.

Medication History

With its intuitive interface, you can easily input and update the details of medications, including dosage, frequency, and duration. Furiend provides timely reminders for administering medications, ensuring that you never miss a dose. It also keeps a comprehensive record of your pet’s medicine history, allowing you to track the effectiveness of treatments

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